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USADUKES is holding by CARSEM group. Unique global integration of the partnership is to make sure we can cooperate for enterprise requirements...


Pound any appreciation of space

Tuesday (February 6) intraday European sterling, the pound (1.3966, 0.0017, 0.12%) fell against the dollar fell 1.39, refreshing the low since January 22 to 1.3859, now trading at 1.3871 front line....

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EUR / USD trend analysis on February 7

Wednesday (February 7) European market early, the euro / dollar hovered around the level of 1.2390. IntraTrader AceTrader Forex Analysis team wrote a brief analysis of the euro / dollar movements and the latest trading strategies. The details are as follows:...

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Gold, silver, crude oil technical analysis forecast

Gold is trading lower at 1328 U.S.dollars. Hourly Support The 1331 low, January 23, 2018, has been touched and further support is located at the low of 1323 January 12, 2018. The technical structure shows that the short-term bias in the rise....

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1 USD/JPY may face the edge of the bull market!
24 Hours View: UOB Bank stated that on Thursday, we expect USD/JPY to rise further and hit 110.75. The exchange rate eventually broke this resistance and hit 110.85 at the highest. Although the exchange rate is already oversold,...Detail
2 Short-term Analysis of Non-US Currencies on May 18
During the Asian session on Friday (May 18), most non-US currencies are still trading within a relatively narrow range for the time being. In the previous session, the rebound in the US dollar made the non-US currencies generally under pressure, and the short-term non-US currencies tended to oscillate under low shocks or shocks. Explore the trend....Detail
3 Euro, Yen, Australian Dollar Latest Technical Trend Forecast
On Friday (May 18) in the afternoon of Asian city, the US dollar continued to remain stable at a high level, with a slight downside. The non-US majority rebounded....Detail
4 The pound will oscillate between 1.35-1.40
On Tuesday (May 15th), expectations for the pound sterling (1.3512, -0.0003, -0.02%) were announced and preparations were made for trading in extreme conditions (beyond 1.35 and short above 1.40)....Detail
5 EUR/USD latest technology outlook
On Tuesday (May 15) in the European market, the euro (1.1814, 0.0019, 0.16%)/USD movement is currently trading around the 1.1935 level. The dollar rebounded due to the rebound in US Treasury yields, which in turn weighed on the euro!...Detail
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