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BRANDCompany Profile

USADUKES is holding by CARSEM group. Unique global integration of the partnership is to make sure we can cooperate for enterprise requirements...


The price of gold went into a blind alley

This week is the big data week, which mainly includes the “special fund” meeting at 9:00 this morning and the Fed’s interest rate decision from tomorrow evening. Although the overall gold price is still concussive in the short term...

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Analysis of Non-US U.S. Currency Short-term Trends on June 12

Daily level: After falling unilaterally, the turmoil was low. The rebound of the exchange rate was blocked near the middle of the Bollinger Band. KDJ had signs of reviving the Sicha, and the downside risk increased...

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USD/RMB Quotes Analysis

On the 11th ,the central parity of the yuan against the US dollar was lowered by 61 basis points, and the market exchange rate was slightly higher. Market participants pointed out that the Fed’s interest rates are approaching...

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1 Euro, Yen, Sterling Trading Strategy
Deltastock analyst Stoyan Mihaylovzho Friday (June 22) provided the latest Euro (1.1653, 0.0046, 0.40%)/USD, USD/JPY and GBP (1.3262, 0.0018, 0.14%)/USD trading strategies....Detail
2 Euro, Pound, Yen and Spot Gold Short-term Quotes Analysis
On Friday (June 22nd) in the European market, the Dukascopy Bank analyzed the views and sorted out the short-term movements of the euro, pound sterling, Japanese yen and spot gold....Detail
3 Trade expansion, dollar appreciation
Last Friday, U.S. President Trump announced to impose high tariffs on imports worth 50 billion U.S. dollars from China...Detail
4 Euro, Yen, Sterling Trading Strategy
EUR/USD: After hitting 1.1650 yesterday, it may be the end of the consolidation at 1.1540. Once the downside breaks through the new downside space opened at 1.1510, the target will point to the 1.1300 mark....Detail
5 June 18 Analysis of Non-US Currency Short-term Trends
On Monday (June 18th), the non-US currencies were mixed and the overall volatility was relatively small. The euro (1.1653, 0.0046, 0.40%) weakened slightly against the US dollar. The ECB's accidental doves continued to suppress the euro last week...Detail
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