DUKES provides value-added

DUKES provides value-added service which is suitable for the development of enterprises. DUKES ’ 

business principle is rejecting consistently the project fees, transaction fees and management fees .All these services

 mentioned above are provided free of charge to the enterprise.

Capital Market
DUKES cooperate on the investment team and enterprises to carry out various types of capital market activities. To determine the form / structure of the transaction, the choice of investment banking, terms of negotiations, the final document production and signature are included. DUKES’ goal is to make full use of its capital market experience (including the initial public offering, mergers and acquisitions, large transactions, swap contracts, etc.) and a wide range of contacts, in different industries and regions, to provide support for different sizes, different forms of business. DUKES’ propagation provides all kinds of communication services to the enterprise. Including strategy, crisis management, transactions related to the whole media support and for advertising, branding, demand for mining, digital and network, direct mail, investor relations and public relations in the field, to the invested enterprises is introduced related service intermediaries. DUKES’s communications team in New York, London and Beijing have a professional staff, able to provide assistance in the global scope, according to the need. 

Environmental, social and corporate governance
DUKES help enterprises to develop environmental protection, social and corporate governance (ESG) policy. To improve energy efficiency, reduce the impact on the environment, and to develop and implement the project to improve corporate social responsibility and promote corporate governance, to provide suggestions for the enterprise. To further understand DUKES’ work in the field of environmental protection, social and corporate governance, please click here. Political risk, global policy and regulatory issues in the world, especially in emerging market countries, DUKES help the invested company to assist in the assessment of political risks, and to deal with difficult issues of government and regulatory issues. 

DUKES helps solve related problems federal and state policy to in America. Information technology strategy and evaluation of the Duke to be investment enterprise widely offers all kinds of information technology strategy and assessment services. Related services and recommendations include: acquisition and asset stripping technology due diligence and risk assessment; strategic technical proposal (business case development, product requirements definition, technical architecture development); assist in business and information technology matching, technology talent assessment and Chief Information Officer / Chief Technology Officer Recruitment; implementation of software development methods and rules; identification and selection of technical services partners; and crisis management. 

 DUKES’ information strategy and assessment team have professional staff in New York and Beijing , providing assistance at the global range according to the need at time. Through shared services, DUKES assist the company to develop and implement a variety of cost savings programs and other support programs. DUKES uses a wide range of expert networks to organize the acquisition of the consortium in the appropriate time , around the procurement, risk management and employee benefits to provide assessment, real investment companies to achieve savings for investors to achieve value-added. Shared services are also committed to the preferred supplier development, real estate assistance and other support elements, especially for the early investment to provide value-added services.