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USADUKES ’global team of health-care and consumer industry has integrated USADUKES’ industry experience in the health-care and the consumer sector in order to make full use of the growing convergence in these areas. By virtue of the unique relationship resource, global industry expertise and profound indigenous knowledge, USADUKES has investment experience in global health and consumer industries and comes out at the top of private equity industry for many years.


Emerging markets with populations, social economic development and transformation, promote the growth of the middle class in the fields of consumer goods, services and other areas of medical treatment and health;
There are still many opportunities for development in the fields of medicine, medical equipment and diagnostics. The enterprise needs to develop innovative products to achieve better therapeutic effect on the premise of reducing costs;


Outstanding management

Technology changes in the areas of health-care, consumer goods and consumer services are changing the industry's format. The USADukes has been committed to the discovery and training of the outstanding management team, with high growth companies. This is the core idea of the Duke to maintain the outstanding performance of its investment.