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Gold, silver, crude oil technical analysis forecast

Spot gold: selling pressure still exists
Gold is trading lower at 1328 U.S.dollars. Hourly Support The 1331 low, January 23, 2018, has been touched and further support is located at the low of 1323 January 12, 2018. The technical structure shows that the short-term bias in the rise.
In the long run, the technical structure shows that upside momentum is on the rise. A break above the 1392 high of March 17, 2014 is needed to confirm the upside. Key support is at 1045, the low of February 5, 2010.

Spot silver: pick up
Silver reversed the trend and broke through the uptrend channel, but then fell below the support of 16.75 of January 23, 2018. Strong resistance is located at 18.21, the high of September 8, 2017. Expected to show strength in the short term.
In the long run, the trend is still more negative / sideways. Silver is likely to decline further. Orthogonal silver put slightly above the 200-day moving average. Resistance was at 21.58 high, July 10, 2014 and strong support was at 11.75 low, April 20,

Crude oil: partial to the upside
Crude oil is showing signs of a rebound, close to 66 mark. Strong support at January 5, 2018 low of 60.93. Oil prices are expected to continue to rise as demand appears to be very strong.
In the long run, crude oil has recovered following the plunge of last year. However, we believe crude oil is still very likely to weaken further. Crude oil is currently in the rally since June 2017. Support is located at 42.20 as of November 16, 2016 and resistance at 77.83, the high of November 20, 2014. Oiling orthogonal to the 200-day moving average far above.
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