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Most non-US currencies have weakened slightly. The pound sterling (1.3371, -0.0004, -0.03%) has been under pressure against the dollar at the resistance near the 5-day moving average of 1.3388, and the Australian dollar (0.7570, -0.0008, -0.11%) has been hit by the one-month high. Resistance pressure, USD/JPY (110.31, 0.0600, 0.05%) rebounded after falling for three consecutive trading days. Relatively speaking, non-US currencies tended to fluctuate and fluctuate.

Daily level: unilateral decline, short-term average lined, shorts occupy a clear upper hand, before the exchange rate at the December 12 low of 1.3302 near the support, MACD divergence at the end, but the K-line form has not yet seen a clear bottom signal, important The rebound of the support level is also suppressed by the 5-day moving average. Currently, around 1.3388, the exchange rate may test the support near 1.3302 again. If you lose this position, you will be concerned about the 1.3320 support near the November 28 low.
However, given the relatively strong support around 1.3302, MACD also has a deviating signal, if the exchange rate is again blocked near 1.3302 support, it is expected to start a rebound or low adjustment trend, further resistance at the 10-day moving average 1.3446 near the 20-day moving average resistance at 1.3511 near .

4 hours level: shocks fell, the exchange rate's low rebound was suppressed by the middle of the Bollinger Bands, KDJ re-entered Sicha, suggesting that the rally was over, the short-term may try to test the Bollinger Band's support near 1.3323, if it falls below this position , it may open further downside space.

However, the MACD fork signal is still in place, if the exchange rate can hold the Bollinger Bands under the rail support, there is still the possibility of forming a W bottom, the initial resistance in the Bollinger Band rail near 1.3396, the overnight high resistance around 1.3421, Bollinger Bands The upper track resistance is around 1.3469 and needs to be broken above this position to mitigate short-term downside risks.

Resistance: 1.3396; 1.3421; 1.3446; 1.3469; 1.3511;
Support: 1.3320; 1.3302; 1.3282; 1.3220; 1.3167.
Conclusion: The biased turbulence is dropping, paying attention to support near 1.3302.