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The downward movement of gold is imperative.

The author is not surprised at the fact that gold is returning to the next three thousand years. Although last week, the hardware price was strong, it was only a news stimulus that led to the rise of market risk aversion and the formation of a large capital market. , this kind of market is difficult to maintain this point I mentioned in the previous article, although the market is not volatile at the beginning of the week, but the early opening is enough to prove that the author's point of view is completely correct, the real Powei is technically necessary The signal of Powei appears, so that the message-dominated and technologically-compelled form of Powei is the required condition for Powei. This is why the price of gold was broken last Friday. Last Friday, it was always a bearish view, with a clear view. The idea then insists on your own point of view. The market will give you unexpected results.

At the beginning of the week, although the price of gold opened lower, the short-term close of the US market was not well released, and the price of gold eventually closed flat. Since once again breaking the three-point mark, the daily line has been in a downward trend, but after the decline in the market after the heavy volume, the recent low swing to correct, until the end of the correction will return to the downlink. Moreover, whether it is the fundamentals or technical aspects, the market does not have the conditions to soar. First of all, buying the expected selling of facts is already the law of the market. From the past before and after the interest rate increase, we can see that before the interest rate hike, we digest the short lead in advance. After the interest rate rises and the bottom rises again, the current rate hike in June is already an iron nail. Therefore, we should take a short lead ahead of time and it is fully in line with expectations. This is just the beginning. The pressure to withstand highs fell back and down, and the next step was to take a firm bearish view. The rally was a short-selling opportunity. It would continue to be near 1301. If it did not, it would consider directly empty, and the band-style decline would come soon!

From a technical point of view, due to the early closure of the US market yesterday, the US market did not completely come out, the daily line also ended with a small cross star, remember that this is not a complete quote can not be used as a reference, Brin with three tracks began to shrink At the same time, it extends downwards. At present, the price of gold is running under the Bollinger Band track. There is no sign of upward extension above the 5-day moving average. The 10 day moving average is flat and here is the first support that needs attention today. Will continue downward, the other period averages are presented in short order, stoo overbought to build a large Sicha downward and run down, although MACD is also forming a gold fork and a small release of red energy, but macd is still running under the 0 axis is still weak. Short-term advantage on the daily line.

In 4 hours, the price of gold fell again this morning. Although there was a slight rebound but the intensity was not strong, it was also met in the vicinity of Qiansan. At the same time, the price of gold in the US plate was also falling here. Resistance, Brin with three tracks showing a contraction pattern, indicating that the market will once again form a Powei, but I better look down Powei, but when it can be formed Powei still need time to prove that the current price of gold under the Bollinger Band with three tracks running Although the 5-day moving average moves up slightly, but the 10 moving average extends downwards, it can form a Sicha at any time. Other indicators of various periods remain under investigation. Although the gold cross is running upwards, sto does not break through the 50-axis and the express line. The 50-axis slow line has not hit the rhythm, so this round of the gold fork may die at any time. The dead-fork running above the macd zero axis, the green energy gradually began to increase the intensity of release, 4 hours more inclined to bearish development.

Gold strategy: Taken together, the rebound on Friday as planned under pressure on the downward trend, the situation has gradually become clear, with the support of the 10-day moving average as a reference, indicating that the technical shape has fully turned down the downward trend, there is a large callback below Space, then the operation remains unchanged at high altitude, radical 1300 short, stop loss 1305, target 1292-1282, if the empty stop above the 1308 accidental stop loss once again.