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GBP/USD is expected to rise to 1.45 before the end of the year

Faba Bank discussed the outlook for Sterling (1.3262, 0.0018, 0.14%) on Friday, stating that it maintains a structural bullish bias and could rise to 1.45 by the end of the year.

Faba said: "Bringing out of Europe is still the focus of the market, and recent progress has made economists more confident in the softer 'soft exit to Europe'. Therefore, we believe that the downward risk of the pound will be reduced. However, even Brexit is moving in favor of the pound, and uncertainty is still increasing."

“We maintain the view that GBP/USD will rise this year with a broad retreat of the US dollar (expected to reach 1.45 by the end of the year), while the euro (1.1653, 0.0046, 0.40%)/sterling will maintain a narrow range of fluctuations (0.88 before the end of the forecast.) )."