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The euro stagnated and the dollar rose

Euro-Silver lowered its 2019 rate hike forecast, which may be an important reason for the short-term contraction of the euro (1.1653, 0.0046, 0.40%). At the same time, the European economic growth rate is expected to be lowered, and the euro has made up for it. European Central Bank President Mario Draghi made a speech and raised inflation expectations for the year while raising inflation expectations for the year. It is clear that Eurosil didn't discuss when to raise interest rates.

U.S. consumer data continues to be strong, supporting the dollar’s rise

May's retail sales data was again significantly better than expected, further corroborating the Fed's market confidence in inflation confidence. At the same time, it also properly dispelled the inflation concerns of the market after the pace of interest rate hikes during the year.