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Gold maintains low bullish thinking London gold 1325 direct bullish

The recent gold price has maintained a range of more than ten dollars, and the long and short-term battles are fierce. The US retail sales data is poor overnight, but the Fed’s rate hike next week is still a “definite event”, which boosts the US dollar index (88.9727, -0.1000, -0.11%) rebound, gold prices dragged down slightly, but the late gold price held at the 1320 mark, coupled with today's rebound in the Asian Games, gold prices gradually recovered yesterday's decline in space, the current price of gold traded at 1326 US dollars / ounce, the current market focus will gradually Turning to the Federal Reserve meeting next week, it is generally expected that the Fed will carry out its first rate hike this year.

Gold Analysis:
In terms of gold, yesterday's gold exploration fell, review yesterday's market, gold prices in the sub-periods relying on the 1323 line to support the rise, the upper test of the 1330 line, then blocked down, the European gold price callback to the Asian plate up point 1323 line, shock consolidation transition, During the US session, the market announced the US PPI data in February. The data showed that the core PPI rose by 2.7% year-on-year, the largest increase since August 2014. The gold price quickly rebounded to the 1328 line and was hindered to call back. The lowest test below the 1321 line, the United States After-hours, the price of gold held low and supported a slight concussion and rebound. The final closing price was at 1324.6 US dollars per ounce, and a cross-yin K line was charged on the line.

For yesterday's market, the intraday session highlighted the resistance of the 1330 mark. It would have been good to climb above 1330 and then fall back. The result was only tentatively going to a 1330, and the empty list in the 1331-1332 region was not given a place to enter. However, due to the daily decline of the daily chart gold, it is expected that the price of gold will not go too big decline, the US disk decisively gives 1323,1324 to do more strategies, today's morning rise has been in the profit, continue to hold waiting Target 1332, today is still the main reason for the low number of ideas, the Japanese K-line many times lower and rising, the price of gold to hold the 1300 mark, the price of gold remains long-term bullish ideas.

Today's Asian Games, gold prices rebounded from the 1323 line once again out of the shock, the short-term resistance is located at 1330,1333,1340, the bottom support to pay attention to the 1323,1320, the current structure of the daily chart is the development of small Yang K line, for today's market, Guliang Ming analysis that The Asian Games rose, and the same trend yesterday. Many people may think that 1330 can be empty. Actually, we need to pay attention to the increase in the Asian Games. Therefore, it is more important if the European market can continue. If the European market continues to rise, it also breaks the 1330 resistance yesterday. , then the possibility of a trend of 1340 today is relatively large, if the European market is blocked 1330 or after the break break back, then by then high altitude thinking can be, if the current gold is still mostly low bullish, yesterday 1323-1324 Single-handedly, 1325-1326 in the early morning today recommended to do more bullish, look to the top of the 1332, lighten the remaining positions to see after the 1340.

On the daily chart, the K-line on the golden day continued to decline and cross the K line, and the low support gradually moved up. With the rebound of the gold price, the daily MA of the daily chart MA gradually formed a gold fork, and the average system showed a long position. The MA5 and 10-day moving averages formed short-term support in the region of 1324-1325, and the average moving average supported 1330. The breakthrough is expected to continue the upward trend. Currently, the daily chart price of gold maintains a good upward trend, and it has done too many retracements; Technical indicators At the same time, the daily Bollinger Band approached the level of development. The price of gold went to the vicinity of Bollinger Middle Track, and the rails suppressed by 1330. The breakthrough will be towards the development of the middle and upper rails 1340 and 1350. Green column kinetic energy gradually disappeared, KDJ indicators were flat, RSI indicators crossed upwards and divergent, and the overall daily chart gold bullish development pattern. Today's gold train of thought recommends maintaining low-maintenance thinking, referring to the low of Asian block low 1323. .

Gold reference suggestion: gold price is near 1325, stop loss is 1320, target is 1333-1335